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Glass fusing Projects:
      Kids Fish Shape:$30.00

5 X 6:                   $30.00
    with Backing     $40.00

5 X 9:                    $35.00
    with Backing     $45.00

Coasters (4):        
    with Backing    $45.00

10 X 10:     single  $50.00
    with Backing         $70.00
    Plate shape          $85.00

Big Pieces:           Platters, Bowls, Sconces,
                             Plates, Backsplash, Tiles
                             $125.00 - $165.00

Custom pieces by Request

Please ONE person per project


 One Day class:

            The Artist with show you how to make one large piece.
By reservation only                                 *We cater to all and all is welcome.*
Groups are Welcome too!
      Plus see all the treasures that are for sale!

These include:

FurnitureGlasswareAccent pieces